Donation request – help me save Tiny!


This is Tiny, and he’s my oldest cat, born in April 2004. He was the smallest in the litter (hence the name)  and had severe eye infection and he lost one eye, people wanted to throw him out because of that, but I refused and adopted him. He became the best friend of Miki, and after that Angie, Mitz, Cream, Eric and more cats I had over the years, and he outlived all of them and even with one eye, was a great hunter. He got lost few times and always came back.

In March of this year (2018), Tiny had infection in his remaining eye and it had to be removed, leaving him completely blind and blood tests also showed a slight liver problem and he’s now on a diet, and even that didn’t stopped him from going outside and smack other cats. However, in the past few days Tiny shows a little interest in food or drink and I want to give him the best treatment possible so he can finish his life with dignity. 

The treatments are expensive and the initial tests are between 100 to 130 USD. I ask for anyone who can help Tiny, please donate whatever you can and share this post with your friends and family. My PayPal account is: Every single dollar will help and both me and Tiny will appreciate it. 

Also, if Tiny won’t survive the treatments, I will donate any remaining amount to a sick cat or dog treated at the same veterinarians

Thank you very much!

Slight change in Giveaways


Ok, I’ve taking some comments and tips, I had time to think over it. As a gamer, I think I found a pretty sweet spot for both me and  my viewers.

Please note, this month (November 2018) will to be affected by this change, people already joined the giveaway and it’s pretty much going to end this week, so no reason to make everyone mad.

The change is pretty simple, instead of me selecting a specific item from a specific game that I play, you’re now able to vote for a platform from the three I use, Steam, Microsoft and Wargaming. I also wanted to put Blizzard store on it, but I couldn’t find a way to do it, perhaps I missed it or there isn’t an option. The point is to give you the option to select what you want on each of the platforms, perhaps you want Pubg items (I don’t play it) or fortnite (I don’t play it) or some other game, have fun.

This is also changed the yearly giveaway (which will run at May every year, unless I’m uber sick or something) and it will be about 3 times more then the regular one for the same platforms.

How to enter the giveaway:

  1. You need follow me on Twitch (linked below)
  2. !ticket to get a free ticket
  3. There are extra way to earn Lumicoin beside watching the streams, you can subscribe, donate, host, etc. for more points.
  4. Please make sure you vote for your preferred platform for each giveaway, there are no changes if you win.
  5. Just have fun!

To vote on the next giveaway:

Follow me on Twitch:

November Giveaway is on – vote on January one


For this month of November the votes were for CS:GO, I’ve selected the AK 47 – Frontside Mist skin. To enter the giveaway all you need to do is to click that sweet follow button, you can also buy tickets for Lumicoins.

Rules are as followed:

  1. Must be a follower/subscriber
  2. Points for watching: 10
  3. Subscribers X3
  4. Follower bonus: 150
  5. Tip bonus: 500
  6. Host: 150

You can also vote for the next giveaway of January 2019


First Giveaway Ended, Second starts


How I did it: –> Ran 1 – 5, sent the third prize to the winner. Deleted from spreadsheet and ran again 1-4 for the second and so on. 

I want to thank the three winners of the giveaway, I want to thank those who haven’t won and to thank all the followers for support me and the stream. 

Now it’s time for the second giveaway which is much simpler, all you need to do is to click that follow button and wait. It may take a month or two, but it will happen. There’s only one winner and the prize is 50 USD gift card from Amazon. Upon reaching 50 followers I’ll put all the names in the spreadsheet, and go to again and randomise 1-50 and will contact the winner on twitch only to get the requirement details for receiving the gift card. 

Like this give away, there are no points, and bonuses or extras. However, if you won and not answering on Twitch, I will have to pass the gift card to someone else.

Thank You very much!


My video editing skills are…bad. Don’t judge me on that, I’ll never do it right. 

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Romance / Francesco Molino (1768-1847)


A Romance by the Italian composer Francesco Molino (1768-1847) 

And there’s nothing much more to say about it, one of the most beautiful and unappreciated pieces for guitar, go and play it. 

The PDF files is attached, if you can’t find it, follow this link: 

Romance – Francois Molino


Thank you for watching and follow me /


Mail is back on


If you had any issues contacting via the website or signing in to the website in the past week, I have temporarily fixed the mail issues and you should be able to receive mail correctly.

Still working on getting my personal mail server back online.

First Giveaway – 3500 Dogecoin


Yes, I know it’s not much, but still, we need to start somewhere.


  • You must follow me by October 31st 2018 on Twitch :
  • You must have a valid Dogecoin wallet (if you need help getting one, just write me)
  • You must contact me with your information which only includes the wallet address and your Twitch name.
    • you don’t have (and shouldn’t) send me any other personal detail including real name, ID, or any other identification.
  • Results will be published on November 30th 2018.
  • The winners will be selected randomly, there are no points, bonuses or extras for signing to the website or twitter, or donation.


First Prize: 2000 Dogecoin

Second Prize: 1000 Dogecoin

Third Prize: 500 Dogecoin

Thank you and lets have some fun! /

Website is back! QNAP, you suck!


After five long days, my server and website are back and here’s what happened:

Saturday morning I’ve received an upgrade message from my machine which also runs the website among other things, the upgrade failed due to bad firmware and after an extremely long boot time (3 hours!) the device finally got online but with nothing on it. I’ve opened a ticket with QNAP asking for support and asking in their community forums for some tips.

Only after FOUR days, QNAP decided to answer me and I’ve spent about two and a half hours with one of their guys via TeamViewer, and we tried to install the firmware again, which failed with the same results of extremely long boot time and failure to get my RAID array, data and services.

Today was the last day before I had to restart everything, restore what I can from my backups, but that meant not everything would be available and go back to work. But then I got a different guy which clearly received better information about the bad firmware and he suggested to try an older firmware and see what happens. Lucky for me, it worked. After 5 minutes the device was back online with my raid and data. I had to reinstall some services and manually start others, but it work.

All that, because of a bad firmware, probably released without proper testing, but that’s not my issue with QNAP. It took them four days to even respond to my ticket, four, when they claim they’ll respond in 24 hours, even if we take Saturday and Sunday out, it still more then they claim.

This was my first and last QNAP device and I’m already moving everything to a new server and the QNAP will be thrown away to the garbage, where it should have been in the first place. Yes, A company can make mistakes and release some bad upgrades from time to time, but you can’t ignore costumer support and not even offer some “we’re checking the issue” answer to the support request, it’s unacceptable for any high tech company to take more then 12 hours to respond, and I can even understand the 24 hours. But 96 for the first response, that’s way too much.

I’ve learned some tricks from this experience, mostly on how to use ssh better and run very specific commands which can help me in the new server which is going to run CentOS. I knew how to work with ssh before, but not at this level.

I want to thanks everyone who followed my streams and being patient with me in the past few days. Thank you very much and keep the support running.

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Forza Horizon 4 – Surprise Stream


I had no plans of streaming again today and I was going to play Forza Motorsport 7, but the gods of Xbox told me I can play Horizon 4. If you want to hear me talk, just change reduce the speed, it’s on X2. Normal Twitch issues at start.

Game looks and feels much better than the older Forza Horizon 3, I didn’t have much time to play around and I will test the multiplayer mode in the next stream. Also, was very puzzled of not getting an English car as a first choice in an England themed game, what gives?  Also encountered some bugs, nothing major and not bad at all for early access. 

For me, looks like this game is going to be better and greater, will have to see the multiplayer to finalise my opinion. 

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