Rebuilding the web site


So, the host provider I used messed up with my website, I couldn’t access it due to a single file permission which they refused to fix. So, I closed the account there. However, I also forgot to backup everything so now I need to rebuild everything again.

I’ve also decided to make several changes to my website, content and hosting location.

So let me explain the changes:

  1. The website is now hosted on my private server, I have full control on it and will be able to address any issue in real time.
  2. The website and any content I’ll upload is no longer limited to Music, I will also upload games streams, cats stuff, food stuff and anything else I have opinion about.
  3. As I don’t have Facebook the ways to contact me will be via Twitter, Twitch, YouTube or the from on this website which will work soon ™ so if you encountered any error, or have any suggestions, you are most welcome to write.

Thank You

Omer Katzir – The Silent Troubadour.

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