Farewell to Forza Horizon 3


At first I had audio problems, my laptop didn’t showed any signs of audio. But fixed.

Then the stream cut out, I got it back but few minutes are missing, just buy it! 

At the end, I’ve slowed down the video to normal speed, talking about what I think is important to be in FH4.

Few things I’de like to see in Forza Horizon 4:

* Better matchmaking with players who uses similar settings as you, such as assists.

* Option to ignore certain modes, like playground games.

* Better sorting and tracking of cars 

* A real Metal radio station, with Iron Maiden! 

* Longer tracks in both Single and Multiplayer modes.

Did you enjoyed Forza Horizon 3? What are you looking for in Horizon 4? 

Let me known down in the comments. 

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