First Giveaway – 3500 Dogecoin


Yes, I know it’s not much, but still, we need to start somewhere.


  • You must follow me by October 31st 2018 on Twitch :
  • You must have a valid Dogecoin wallet (if you need help getting one, just write me)
  • You must contact me with your information which only includes the wallet address and your Twitch name.
    • you don’t have (and shouldn’t) send me any other personal detail including real name, ID, or any other identification.
  • Results will be published on November 30th 2018.
  • The winners will be selected randomly, there are no points, bonuses or extras for signing to the website or twitter, or donation.


First Prize: 2000 Dogecoin

Second Prize: 1000 Dogecoin

Third Prize: 500 Dogecoin

Thank you and lets have some fun! /

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