Slight change in Giveaways


Ok, I’ve taking some comments and tips, I had time to think over it. As a gamer, I think I found a pretty sweet spot for both me and  my viewers.

Please note, this month (November 2018) will to be affected by this change, people already joined the giveaway and it’s pretty much going to end this week, so no reason to make everyone mad.

The change is pretty simple, instead of me selecting a specific item from a specific game that I play, you’re now able to vote for a platform from the three I use, Steam, Microsoft and Wargaming. I also wanted to put Blizzard store on it, but I couldn’t find a way to do it, perhaps I missed it or there isn’t an option. The point is to give you the option to select what you want on each of the platforms, perhaps you want Pubg items (I don’t play it) or fortnite (I don’t play it) or some other game, have fun.

This is also changed the yearly giveaway (which will run at May every year, unless I’m uber sick or something) and it will be about 3 times more then the regular one for the same platforms.

How to enter the giveaway:

  1. You need follow me on Twitch (linked below)
  2. !ticket to get a free ticket
  3. There are extra way to earn Lumicoin beside watching the streams, you can subscribe, donate, host, etc. for more points.
  4. Please make sure you vote for your preferred platform for each giveaway, there are no changes if you win.
  5. Just have fun!

To vote on the next giveaway:

Follow me on Twitch:

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