Slight change in Giveaways


Ok, I’ve taking some comments and tips, I had time to think over it. As a gamer, I think I found a pretty sweet spot for both me and  my viewers.

Please note, this month (November 2018) will to be affected by this change, people already joined the giveaway and it’s pretty much going to end this week, so no reason to make everyone mad.

The change is pretty simple, instead of me selecting a specific item from a specific game that I play, you’re now able to vote for a platform from the three I use, Steam, Microsoft and Wargaming. I also wanted to put Blizzard store on it, but I couldn’t find a way to do it, perhaps I missed it or there isn’t an option. The point is to give you the option to select what you want on each of the platforms, perhaps you want Pubg items (I don’t play it) or fortnite (I don’t play it) or some other game, have fun.

This is also changed the yearly giveaway (which will run at May every year, unless I’m uber sick or something) and it will be about 3 times more then the regular one for the same platforms.

How to enter the giveaway:

  1. You need follow me on Twitch (linked below)
  2. !ticket to get a free ticket
  3. There are extra way to earn Lumicoin beside watching the streams, you can subscribe, donate, host, etc. for more points.
  4. Please make sure you vote for your preferred platform for each giveaway, there are no changes if you win.
  5. Just have fun!

To vote on the next giveaway:

Follow me on Twitch:

November Giveaway is on – vote on January one


For this month of November the votes were for CS:GO, I’ve selected the AK 47 – Frontside Mist skin. To enter the giveaway all you need to do is to click that sweet follow button, you can also buy tickets for Lumicoins.

Rules are as followed:

  1. Must be a follower/subscriber
  2. Points for watching: 10
  3. Subscribers X3
  4. Follower bonus: 150
  5. Tip bonus: 500
  6. Host: 150

You can also vote for the next giveaway of January 2019


First Giveaway Ended, Second starts


How I did it: –> Ran 1 – 5, sent the third prize to the winner. Deleted from spreadsheet and ran again 1-4 for the second and so on. 

I want to thank the three winners of the giveaway, I want to thank those who haven’t won and to thank all the followers for support me and the stream. 

Now it’s time for the second giveaway which is much simpler, all you need to do is to click that follow button and wait. It may take a month or two, but it will happen. There’s only one winner and the prize is 50 USD gift card from Amazon. Upon reaching 50 followers I’ll put all the names in the spreadsheet, and go to again and randomise 1-50 and will contact the winner on twitch only to get the requirement details for receiving the gift card. 

Like this give away, there are no points, and bonuses or extras. However, if you won and not answering on Twitch, I will have to pass the gift card to someone else.

Thank You very much!


My video editing skills are…bad. Don’t judge me on that, I’ll never do it right. 

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Test Stream 4/4 Forza Horizon 3


The final test stream, finally got everything running smoothly (after upgrading my upload speeds and actually saved about 1 USD)

Xbox audio is a bit of a problem until I replace the headset, haven’t decided which one to get, will decide soon ™

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