Why you do this to TOR?


I’m not going to explain what TOR is, what it does or how it works, it’s great. But as any great idea, the stupid sub-humans will try to ruin it.

Let me explain. In the last couple of days this (my) website is being attacked (what are you looking for? there’s nothing to steal, and I’m not some all-mighty Internet persona) by some idiot using TOR network and trying to brute force the not-in user “test” so:

  • I’m not stupid to use basic and generic user names for administering my website, or my server.
  • You’re ruining it for other TOR users out there that might want to enter my website.

Why? Each time you fail to brute force (number of login attempts are limited) you block the exit node for 5 days. So if anyone else will try to log on using that exit node (In this case, The Calyx Institute exit node) they won’t be able too until the block is lifted. And I’m not going to manually lift it.

Also, it’s not really hacking, you’re just trying combination of password which I’ll probably won’t ever use, nor should anyone ever use (iddqd!) Here’s a tip, find a why to dump the database (I’m sure WordPress or my server are not 100% safe, nothing is) and try to decrypt the passwords using a good wordlist (or create one on your own), you won’t block anyone from using my website, or any other, using TOR network. But you might have to get a good computer, something with GTX 1060 should do the job for most passwords pretty fast. My password will take about 9 years with fast GPU (According to OnlineDomainTools)

So please, stop using TOR network and ruin its goodness with your filthy sub-human, non-capable-to-think, little brain.

For everyone else, please use strong passwords. iidqd isn’t strong.