Donation request – help me save Tiny!


This is Tiny, and he’s my oldest cat, born in April 2004. He was the smallest in the litter (hence the name)  and had severe eye infection and he lost one eye, people wanted to throw him out because of that, but I refused and adopted him. He became the best friend of Miki, and after that Angie, Mitz, Cream, Eric and more cats I had over the years, and he outlived all of them and even with one eye, was a great hunter. He got lost few times and always came back.

In March of this year (2018), Tiny had infection in his remaining eye and it had to be removed, leaving him completely blind and blood tests also showed a slight liver problem and he’s now on a diet, and even that didn’t stopped him from going outside and smack other cats. However, in the past few days Tiny shows a little interest in food or drink and I want to give him the best treatment possible so he can finish his life with dignity. 

The treatments are expensive and the initial tests are between 100 to 130 USD. I ask for anyone who can help Tiny, please donate whatever you can and share this post with your friends and family. My PayPal account is: Every single dollar will help and both me and Tiny will appreciate it. 

Also, if Tiny won’t survive the treatments, I will donate any remaining amount to a sick cat or dog treated at the same veterinarians

Thank you very much!